FAZEmagBooking is the booking agency of the FAZE Magazine. FAZEmagBooking combines the know-how of many years of journalistic experience with an international network of artists, clubs and organisers built up over two decades. FAZEmagBooking offers clubs and promoters not only dedicated and talented artists but also the opportunity to promote club evenings and events – this makes FAZEmagBooking unique and an indispensable partner for club operators and promoters.

Sven Schäfer, who comes from Wuppertal, is an integral part of the local electronic music scene.

He began as a DJ, worked for Raveline Magazine as an editor and was A&R for the major label Warner Hits of Elektrochemie LK, Toktok and Sono. In 2012 he founded the FAZE magazine and strives for a stylish and high quality coverage of the entire electronic music scene.

Martin Maximilian Kotzur has always had a big love of music. In 2011 he founded a band called liquidfive and became a Songwriter and Producer. Following a string of releases he realized his heart was only in electronic dance / pop music and he continued as a DJ.

Together with Sven Schäfer, he founded Fazemagbooking with the aim of promoting established artists and giving young talented artists a chance.